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Taken before, but wanted to see if anything had changed...

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Nov. 30th, 2009 | 10:43 pm
I Walk This Empty Street: crazycrazy

105 Questions About Green Day Created by staryxnights and taken 1237 times on Bzoink
You Like Green Day Huh?:Hell yes
Song?:Right now? Urm... 21 Guns
CD?:at the moment? I guess 21st Century
Band Member?:Billie Joe
Music Video?:21st Century Breakdown *I guess*
American Idiot
American Idiot or BOBD?:BOBD
Jesus of Suburbia or Homecoming?:JOSs
Shes A Rebel or St Jimmy?:SHES A REBEL! FUCK YEAH
Letterbomb or Holiday?:Letterbomb
Wake Me Up When September Ends or Extraordinary Girl?:WMUWSE
Give Me Novacaine or Are We The Waiting?:Give Me Novacaine
Favorite American Idiot Song::JOS for now
Suffocate or HaHa your Dead?:HaHa you're dead
Outsider or Desensitized?:Desensitized
On the Wagon or Do Da Da?:On the Wagon
You Lied or Dont Wanna Fall In Love?:Don't Wanna Fall in Love
I wanna Be on Tv or Tired of Waiting?:I Wanna Be on TV
Scumbag or Rotting?:Rotting
Favorite Shenanigans Song?:Rotting, right now
Warning Or Minority?:Minority
Blood Sex and Booze or Church on Sunday?:Church on Sunday
Fashion Victim or Deadbeat Holiday?:Deadbeat Holiday! (my family's song)
Castaway or Misery?:Castaway
Jackass or Waiting?:Waiting!!
Hold On or Macys Day Parade?:Macy's Day Parade
Favorite Warning Song?:Waiting
Nice Guys Finish Last Or Hitchin A Ride?:Hitchin A Ride
The Grouch or Redundant?:The Grouch
Prosthetic Head or King For A Day?:King for a Day
Good Riddance or Walking Alone?:GOOD RIDDANCE
Platypus or Worry Rock?:Worry Rock
Scattered or All The Time?:Scattered
Uptight or Jinx?:Uptight
Haushinka or Reject?:Reject
Favortie Nimrod Song?:Good Riddance
Armatage Shanks or Walking Contradiction?:Walking Contradiction
Brat or Tight Wadd Hill?:Brat
Stuck With Me or Westbound Sign?:Westbound Sign
Braintsew or Jaded?:Brainstew
No Pride or Geek Stink Breath?:Geek Stink Breath
Stuart and The Ave or Bab's Uvula Who?:Stuart and The Ave
Panic Song or 86?:Panic Song
Favorite Insomniac Song?:Brainstew
Burnout or F.O.D?:FOD
Having A Blast or In the End?:Having a Blast
Emenius Sleep or Chump?:Chump
Longview or Coming Clean?:Longview
When I come Around or Welcome to Paradise?:When I Come Around
Sassafras Roots or Pulling Teeth?:Pulling Teeth
She or Basket Case?:BASKET CASE
Favorite Dookie Song?:When I Come Around
My Generation or 2000 Light Years Away?:2000 Lightyears
One For The Razorbacks or Strangeland?:One For The Razorbacks
Christie Road or Best Thing In Town?:Christie Road
Private Ale or Sweet Children?:Private Ale
Words I Might Have Ate or Dominated Love Slave?:Words I Might Have Ate
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield or One of My Lies?:One of My Lies
No one Knows or 80?:80
Favorite Kerplunk Song?:Christie Road
1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours:
I want To Be Alone or At the Library?:I Want to be Alone
The One I Want or Dont Leave Me?:Don't Leave Me
Only of You or I was There?:I Was There
Disappearing Boy or Dry Ice?:Disappearing Boy
Green Day or 1,000 Hours?:Green Day
Going To Pasalacqua or Knowledge?:Going To Pasalacqua
409 In Your Cofee Maker or 16?:16, I guess
Road To Acceptance or Why Do You Want Him?:Road To Acceptance
The Judge's Daughter or Paper Lanterns?:Judge's Daughter
Favorite 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Song?:Disappearing Boy, I guess
About The Guys:
Whos Your Favorite?:Billie Joe
Hottest?:Billie Joe
Best Musician?:Tre Cool
Funniest?:Tre Cool
Nicest?:Mike Dirnt
Most Ugly?:None of them
Which One Do you Think Would Be The Funnest To Hang Out With?:Billie
Billie or Tre?:Billie
Tre or Mike?:Mike
Billie or Mike?:Billie
Ever Been To One?:Sadly NO
Where?:Fuck off
With Who?:n/a
Was It Fun?:n/a
Did You Go In The Mosh Pit?:n/a
Did You Purchase Souveneirs?:Okay yeah, I got souveniers at a make believe concert...
Bullet In A Bible?
Have You Seen It?:Hell yes
Do You Own It?:same
Was It Good?:Awesome
Rate it 1-10?:11
Im Done, Are You Happy?:Yes, fod.
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