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*is bored* *stares at own icon* I love L!!!!

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Oct. 28th, 2009 | 11:35 pm
Center of the Earth: Hellsville *Hardees*
I Walk This Empty Street: boredbored

I may not be able to post anything this weekend. I'm going on a "girls weekend" with my mom and sister. I actually am looking forward to it, seeing as how I don't get many vacations from my life, and we are going to go to a mall! It has Hot Topic, so I'm a happy camper. It should be fun, but it may keep me from writing this weekend.

In other news, any Green Day fan out there needs to go VOTE FOR GREEN DAY!!!! there, and vote. You can vote as many times as you want, I have been. I just really want them to get it, especially since they are up against people like Brittney Spears. Come on people, for the love of Lush, vote for the boys! I mean, BRITTNEY HAS MORE VOTES?!?!?

I think that is pretty much all. I've been watching a bunch of Golden Girls lately, and I love them. Is it odd that I relate to 60 year old women? I don't know or care.

Well, I'm off to watch and see what the boys Twitter next! At one point, Tre said that he was trying to put on guyliner with his feet. Well, good for him, a laugh riot for me!


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