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Bordem of mind, cuteness of kitty....

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Nov. 5th, 2009 | 11:39 pm
Center of the Earth: Hellsville *Hardees*
I Walk This Empty Street: boredbored

I'm kinda bored right now. My friend Jon was supposed to hang out with me and Cory, but he never called and it's most likely one or so by now... *sighs*

My cat, Gloria, is laying across my computer right now, and if I move at all it moves her onto my keyboard and fucks my typing up. She's cute, but a little crazy with how comfortable she is anywhere she lays...

I'm still going through and watching as much of the Golden Girls as I can. I love all the girls, but what Blanche said on one episode is wonderful.
I must be hallucinating. I see little balls of sunshine in a bag.
Wonderful! (it had been egg yolks in a sandwich baggie)

Well, I guess that's all, I just felt like posting... *that's how bored I am.*

PS: Kurama rocks hard!

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