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HaHa You're Dead, it was by a Green Day fan, how could I not take it!

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Dec. 7th, 2009 | 11:37 pm

Ha Ha You're Dead
Created by shenanigans217 and taken 150 times on Bzoink
When was the last time you saw your crush?: Dating, and sitting next to him
Do you have anything you couldn't go a day without?: GREEN DAY
Describe your mood in one word:: Bleh
What was the last thing you bought with your own money?: Cigarettes
Have you ever gotten caught doing something illegal?: no
What's your favorite flavor of Vitamin Water?: don't know
How tall is the tallest person you know?: 6'4 about
When was the last time you were really happy?: most of the time now
Could you go a month without cheating on your bf/gf?: hells yeah
What's your favorite season?: summer
Do you ever think about anyone but yourself?: I think of most people first... at least the ones I love
Are your parents still together?: yes, and I am proud of that, 32 years or more now
Why do you like the person you like?: 'Cause he's awesome
Would you rather date someone younger or older?: don't really care, probably older though
Have you had alcoholic beverages in the past month?: Don't think so, but don't know
Is it cute when your significant other kisses your forehead?: Yes, and he does often
Have you ever been compared to a movie star?: A few yes
Are you in love with your name?: Only slightly...
Would you live with your #7?: #7 what?
What qualities do you look for when finding a mate?: sarcasm, musical taste, humor
What are real pirate colors?: *shrugs*
What is your lifetime goal?: be a writer
Do you consider yourself creative?: sometimes, not lately though, writers block
Is there someone you wanna date right now?: I am
Do you have trust issues?: Hell yes
Have you ever been in love?: Maybe... *hehe*
What kind of milk do you drink?: Alergic
What did you realize today?: To take a movie back to hastings... lol
Have you ever been to a strip club?: no
Do you even want to get married?: yes, someday
Is there a chance that you're pregnant?: No, not right now
When is your birthday?: august
Will your next kiss be a mistake?: hell no
What do you do when you're sad?: listen to music really loud and go for a drive where I don't know my destination
Is there a song that makes you cry?: Wake Me Up When September Ends
Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?: Yes
Are you attracted to someone right now?: ... *hehe*
Do you want to have sex with that person?: maybe I have, lol
Did anything brighten up your day?: Yes
Are you wearing your favorite color right now?: Actually no, but I hardly ever do
Have you ever beaten someone up?: maybe
Do you and your best friend look alike?: ..don't think so
Are you a clean person?: *laughs*
What do you think of Jesus?: I think he was a pretty cool guy, good peaceful ideas until people fucked them up
Will you get laid tonight?: I'm too sleepy, but I wouldn't doubt he wants to. *hehe*
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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