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Sexxx Survey. I'm a dirty dirty girl

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Dec. 8th, 2009 | 06:21 pm

Created by sbia and taken 167 times on Bzoink
Quick Questions
Lights on/off : Depends
Top/Bottom: I guess it depends on the other person and the mood I'm in
Standing up/ Laying Down: Either/Or
Music on/off: ON
loud/quiet: Depends on the mood
Porn on/off : Hell no, no porn
Foreplay: Yes please! lol
whips/chains/handcuffs/ropes: Fun, but only on occasion
Public/Private: Depends on the mood
Sensual/ Rough: sensual usually
Girl does the work/ Guy does the work/ Both: both
Virgin/ Nonvirgin: either is fun
Front seat/ Back seat: front seat
Girl in control/ Guy in control : sharing
whipcream/fruit/fudge/etc?: maybe
Would you.....
Kiss a person of the same sex?: I have before
Recieve/oral: ...Maybe
Short Answer Questions.....
Whats your favorite position? : I don't have a prefrence
Whats your favorite fantasy? : vampire, blood play, things like that outside in the rain at night
What do you think of 'road head'? : I think it's awesome
What about toys? : If you've been with the person long enough, but I like them for other purposes as well
Do you like your nipples being played with?: Not really
Whats the kinkyest place you have done anything? : Public bathroom or on a car in a graveyard
What do you think of costumes/lingerie?: lingerie, but not so much for the costumes, maybe a sexy school girl one though
Orgies?Threesomes?Etc.? : Maybe, depends on how bored I would have to be though
What celebrity would you sleep with? : ...Not answering that one
how often do you have sex?: Not too often
would u ever record you fuckin?: Sure, why not?
one sentence you would say during sex?: "Oh my fucking god" or "harder" lol
your zodiac sign?: Leo
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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