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Five X Five X Five X Five X Five (Bordem ensues)

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Jan. 12th, 2010 | 05:04 pm
Center of the Earth: Hellsville
I Walk This Empty Street: boredbored
Turn it Up!: *watching* Grind

I found this on villiagegreen page. I really liked it, and I am bored, so here it goes. Don't know if it's interesting or not, but have fun.
My life seems cool to me, but not many will probably see it that way. This list thing made me realize how fucked up I kind of am. God, I'm an idiot.

Five Real Live Things About Me

1) I am a writer, not just Slash. Really. I've been writing for at least five years now, but haven't completely finished anything to publish. (ADD kicks in too easily.)

2) My life is full of disorders. I could write out a list, but it's too long, and I doubt everyone would even believe me. I will mention a few I've talked about on LJ before.
   a) Bipolar Disorder
   b) Paranoid Schizophrenia
   c) ADHD

3) I fall in love too easily, but now that's not a problem. It has been in the past, but now I'm really, actually happy where I am. Love is great, but feeling like you're falling for someone wrong for you is a terrible idea. Although, that might go along with the simple fact that I am truly dependent on people. (Even though I hate and deny it.)

4) I have a bad history of addiction. Weather it be something simple, (chocolate, biting my nails, energy drinks, coffee) to something worse, (alcohol, cigarettes, other things not mentioned here). It's not something I can help, and mostly it does bother me. I'm fine with smoking and what not, but most of my addictions interact badly with my health. (Energy drinks/Coffee=Bad for Heart Defects)

5) I've always had a problem with wanting to be someone else. It was okay when I was a child, ya know, acting like someone I saw on TV, but it's not such a good thing now. Most people tell you to grow up. I find myself on different days dressing and acting like Fink, The Rev, or whomever. I don't mind it, but it seems to be a real problem, almost like I just can't deal with my own life.

Five On Line Things About Me

1) I spend too many hours looking up pictures of Green Day, I mean really, I do have a boyfriend. (At least he doesn't mind, he understands my love of Green Day.)

2) I normally call myself Lindze, even though that is not how my name is spelled. I don't really like the way it is. If it's not Lindze, its Luna, or Whatshername.

3) I like to browse through my friends pages, even though I barely ever comment, which makes me feel terrible. I love my f-list, but I always feel that if I start commenting now they would be like "What the fuck, who is this?" And not really want to respond. (Which is actually one of my greatest "On Line" fears.)

4) I leave my ex's friended on MySpace so I can keep watch on them. Not always a good idea. And sometimes I feel like a bitch when I'm going through the super emo bulletins and laughing.

5) This doesn't completely go with this list, but sometimes I wish I could be a member of Green Day in my slash fics, so my life would be crazy interesting. Most likely I would be Billie because I relate to him so well. I want to live life through slash fics, that has to be a mental disorder of some kind. As well, I guess this goes along with number five on my last list.

Five people I Would Totally Bang (in no particular order)

1)I mean, GOD, It's Billie Joe Armstrong.
I've wanted this man for at least five years

2) The Reverend, because I believe they are
two separate people (in Billie's mind at least.)
Plus, he's so guh inducing with his crazy hot
outfits, and the way he speaks could move a
birds panties to fly off. (Maybe in his direction, but
ah well.) *wink*

3) Adam Brody. He's the hottest
nerd in history. He makes it okay
to be an 'Emo-Nerd'. *hehe*

4) Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Because I
first saw him as a Glam Rocker. Men
in glitter is the sex. Plus, look at that
stomach. *lick*

5) Now, I know he doesn't really exist... (This is
just a picture of the lead singer of The 69 Eyes),
but I ADORE Jean Claude from the Anita Blake
series. This is just how I picture him.

Five Things On My To Do List

1) Maybe stop smoking soon, but I seem to like it too much.

2) GO TO A FUCKING GREEN DAY CONCERT!!! I will die if I never get to. Though, I've said before I refuse to ever die before I go, so if I don't ever get to, I guess I'll be immortal.

3) Get out of my parents house. I'm 19, and I don't care if I'm disabled and can't get a job. I want my disability check so I can get out!!!

4) Get more piercings and tattoos, even though I already have 7 ear piercings, one lip ring, and a nose ring. As well as two tattoos.

5) Try to actually start loving my life. And maybe even finish a novel to publish.

Five Things I've Done This Past Year

1) Dated a jackass, then broke up with him. I'm finally happy in a new relationship.

2) Received first tattoo and piercing (other than the ears).

3) Tried going to collage and failed because of my health.

4) Was actually able to stop most of my addictions (at least the really bad ones, other than cigarettes)

5) Finally had a great fucking New Years, and decided not to make resolutions, because I never keep them. I didn't really feel I needed to make them anyway this year. So far, there's nothing I want to change.

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