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I know its been a while...

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Feb. 20th, 2010 | 05:22 pm
Center of the Earth: middle of nowhere
I Walk This Empty Street: accomplishedaccomplished
Turn it Up!: *watching* Chronicals of Riddik

But I am still alive! Just crazy stuff has been happening. I do plan on writing again soon, I really want to update my fics, but I'm kind of having writers block right now. Although, I did get photoshop recently, and I've made some icons and wallpapers. I thought I'd post my icons, and if anyone wants to use them, please just comment and credit.


You may have to resize them a little, I haven't completely got the hang of image sizing on PS, but have fun. I've also made some wallpapers if anyone wants to see them, just comment and I will post them. LOVE YOU ALL!


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